What Parents Need to Know About Your Child's Drone Helicopter

Nowadays children prefer to stay inside playing online or just scrolling their social media feeds, thus drones are a great way for your children to go outside and play and still use technology. However, it is important to know that quadcopters are not the same as a random toy helicopter because they are very strong and their propellers move very quickly. Hence, quadcopters can be very dangerous once they hit something or someone. Therefore guidance is needed before you use a drone, especially if you are planning to buy a toy drone for your child. If you follow this guide to your child's drone quadcopter, then you do not need to worry about his/her or others’ safety.

Basic Rules

Before going into details here are some basic rules to tell your child when they fly their new toy drone:

Make sure it is not a windy day. The wind will make it very hard to control the drone.

·Fly the drone in an open field, preferably with no people around, maybe at the beach or your local open football pitch.

·Be focused and do not use your phone, better turn it off, you can live without a phone for a little.

Go Cheap on Your First Quadcopter

If you or/and your children are new at this, it is better if you buy a mini-quad first. These quadcopters are usually rather cheap, £50 or so, and they are lighter and less damaging in cases they hit someone or something. You might think that buying the most expensive version at once will make your child happier (most probably it would in the short term) and it would save you money (again it would in the short term), but buying the cheapest version will allow your child to learn how to use it until you can see that s/he can handle a stronger drone.

Even if the cheaper one breaks it is less expensive to replace it. Further, you will have a more detailed guide to your child's drone quadcopter.

Quadcopters’ Radio Transmitter

Quadcopters’ Radio Transmitters are very similar to the twin-stick controllers of videogames. If you learn the function of each button/control you are all set. There are two main buttons in forms of sticks whose function is directing the drone. The Throttle allows you to move the drone up or down. The Yaw rotates the drone counter-clockwise or clockwise. The Roll moves the drone left or right, and the Pitch moves it backwards or forwards.

The Flight Modes of a Quadcopter

Is very important to know the different flight modes. The easiest is the self-level/ horizon one, it uses a sensor called Gyro and an accelerometer which allows the quadcopter to balance itself without you needing to do it yourself. Another easy mode is the rate one or the manual mode which use only Gyro meaning that the quadcopter does not balance itself, it only goes in one direction and you need to change the direction manually. 

HD Camera for Your Child’s Quadcopter

Usually, drones are used to take pictures or videos from above, and they do a great job on this so why not attach a HD camera to your child’s quadcopter and have the perfect view?

Here are some tips: ·

Choose a light HD camera, the best option is for it to be 80g or less. ·Take your drone with you when you buy the camera to try if it fits, because every drone has different measurements. I would recommend going for a “Box” camera because they are lighter and can easily be attached to the drone.

·The resolution is important, but since this is a guide for your child’s quadcopter, is recommendable to choose a camera that has 1080p resolution because the files can be seen in a smartphone or normal laptop. ·You might want to have many frames per second but 60FPS (frames per second) is very good for the HD camera for your child’s quadcopter as the photos will be clear and a good number for personal usage. ·Make sure to buy protection accessories for you HD camera because it can be easily damaged.